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Online Quran Reading-Learn Quran online – Learning Quran online

                                  Online Quran Reading is an easy way for you and your kids to learn the Quran. Alhamdu Lillah we teach holy Quran 1 to 1 classes using the latest software’s, technology and the latest Quran teaching methods and tutors. Alhamdu Lillah thousands of muslims have benefited from this and have learn to read Quran and learn quran with Tajweed. It’s the perfect way for learning Religion and Islamic basic teachings in the light of Al Quran, Sunnah and hadith.

3 Days Free Trial Lessons:

Learn quran at home is an excellent program that enable kids, adults and new muslims all over the world to Learn quran with tajweed from highly trained and qualified teachers. We teach 24 hours a day. You can try three FREE no obligation trial lessons to evaluate our online quran learning service. After that you can decide to continue or discontinue Quran learning with us. Our online tutoring service is very affordable & starts at $30 per month. We have both male and female tutors.

How you can benefit?

Well, with our experience we have made “Home Quran” online more like learning Quran at Mosque or at home in one to one environment. One tutor and or teacher teaches one student at a time that allows him/her to learning needs and speed of each student.


Audio and screen sharing software enable the Quran teacher and student to communicate and see the same lesson on their computer screens during classes. Our Well-versed Quran tutors are highly trained and have extensive experience of teaching Quran online.