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Learn Quran Online & Quran Reading with tajweed at home.
Al Quran Study Online Quran Academy is a leading learning Quran online from Pakistan  and exclusive Online Quran Teaching and Remote learning academy established in Pakistan. We are engaged in exploring the new avenues for Learn Quran Online.  We provide one to one Online Quran Tutor for Online Quran classes for Reading Quran Online and basic Islamic Teachings to all students ranging between the ages of 4 to 70 living any where in the world. We have both male and female Online Quran tutor.

We wishes to facilitate you and your loved ones in Online Quran learning to read and recite Quran without leaving the safety, security and comfort of your home.

Online Quran Academy of Quranic Teachings was established in 2005. Our purpose is provide online Quran tutor for learning Quran and basic Islamic principals for the benefit of Muslims living in the USA, Canada, UK and various other countries of Europe.

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Learn Quran Online at home is an excellent program that enables adults, Muslims and new Muslims to Read Quran. AlQuranstudy have 24-7 classes. We have students who are learning Quran Online in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Pakistan and all over the world. You can take three free trial Online Quran classes to evaluate our Online learning Quran service. After that, you can decide to continue or discontinue Quran reading online with us. We have both male and female Online Quran tutor.

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Quran Reading online  and learning Quran online is an easy way for Muslims, new Muslims and their kids to learn the Holy Quran. All you need is a PC, Headset with a microphone and a broadband internet connection for Learn Quran Online. Alhamdu Lillah we teach holy Quran one to one Online Quran classes using the latest software’s technology and the latest Quran teaching methods and tutors. It’s the perfect and easy way for learning Quran, Religion and Islamic basic teachings in the light of Al Quran, Sunnah and Hadith. Now students of any age in any country can get online Quran classes for learning Quran online at their own schedule and place. Parents can now watch their children learning Holy Quran in front of their eyes.

The Holy Quran Reading Course:

Quran Reading Online course is basically designed for kids and for those adults who want to take the first step in learning Quran online starting from Arabic alphabets. In sha Allah this program makes the student able to read the holy Quran with the rules of tajweed. This program includes 3 steps: Noorani Qaida: within 1 to 3 months duration student can finish this short book as the base for reading Quran, we teach students in this duration how to pronounce the letter from its specific place as it in the Arabic language which is very necessary for correct Quran reading. Second step is the teaching of the whole holy Quran. The duration of this course is normally 6 to 9 months. So, It also includes:

  • Tajweed-e-Quran (Pronunciation of Holy Quran)
  • Memorization of five time daily Prayers.
  • Method of Funeral and Eid Prayers.
  • Memorization of various Prayers (Duas)
  • Memorization of a few short Suras (chapters)

The Holy Quran Memorization Course:

Therefore, We have 3 kinds of memorization courses: Memorization of last 30 suras of the Holy Quran. Memorization of selected suras from whole the Quran due to the importance of it. ( sura kahf,sura yaseen,sura haa meem sajdah, sura waqiah, sura muzzammil, taghabun, yusuf, mulk,al rahman, jumua, qiyamah and juz amma. Memorization of the whole Quran. It also includes:

  • Tajweed-e-Quran (Pronunciation of Holy Quran)
  • Memorization of five time daily Prayers.
  • Method of Funeral and Eid Prayers.
  • Memorization of various Prayers (Duas)
  • Memorization of a Complete Quran

Translation and Tafseer Course:

Learn Tafseer e Quran online in Urdu with Al Quran Study Onine Quran Academy. We are the top institute to teach you Tafseer e Quran. In this course, you will not only learn the meanings of the verses but also understand their hidden meanings. This is the best option for you to understand Islam. The Quran has the commands of Allah S.W.T. So understanding those commands is only possible if we read Tafseer Quran. The course will not give you the scholarly views but you can understand the Book of Allah very well. You will get a deep understanding of beliefs, and Commands of Allah.

Tafsir Quran Online Easy to Learn

A great number of Muslims cannot understand the meanings of verses. The reason is that they are not familiar with the Arabic language Quran Tafsir is important for such people who want to learn explanations in Arabic. We offer them the opportunity to learn Tafseer in Urdu. Instead of learning Tafseer from the books by different Muslim scholars, we invite you to join us. We will give you in-depth knowledge of Islam.

Why Tafsir Quran Online?

The course explains and describes the meanings of the verses. The students can discover the real meanings of the messages of Allah after completing this course. It is the science of understanding the Quran and the rulings of Islam. Allah explained every matter of life in the Quran. It is, therefore, important for us to learn Tafsir. The important course helps you in leading the Islamic way of life.