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1. Visit for islamic Lectures,Amazing Videos,islamic Images,Books,
islamic Banks,Hadith,islamic TV channels,Learn arabic online,Qur’an,Fatwa & Antivirus.

Easy islam
2. All islamic litrature as form of text and sound are available on

Muslim Baby Names
3. Muslim Baby Names, Urdu Naats, Urdu English Dictionary, Urdu Articles, Wallpapers.
Audio Quran, naats, Islamic names
4. Audio Quran, Naats, Pakistan Weather, News, Urdu Poetry, and many more…

5. A classifieds advertising site for the UK community.

The Holy Quran English Translation
6. This is the firt unicode malayalam web site for the translation of Holy Quran in Malayalam.

Learn Quran Online with Tajweed
6. We provide Services for Online Quran Learning, Learn Quran online ,Online Quran
reading,Learn Arabic online, Online Quran classes for kids and Quran tutor.

Future Islam: Home of Islam Future
7. Futureislam is a non-profit academic journal devoted to projecting the true Islam based on
the devine revelation.

Pakistan Classifieds & Business Directory
8. We are listed under Education in Pakistan category.

Browse Holy Quran verses
9. Browse Holy Quran verses in more than 500 Topics, 42 Verses Translations, 21 Reciters, 56 Quran PDF
translations and more.

Islamio Largest website for islamic lectures, short reminders, stories
10. islamio – The largest website for islamic lectures, short reminders, stories, Q&A, Quran recitations, nasheeds, documentaries, discussions and other islamic videos

Visit Dar-us-Salam Publications
11. For Authentic Islamic books, Quran, Hadith, audio/mp3 CDs, DVDs, software, educational toys, clothes, gifts & more… all at low prices and great service.

Islamic Finder
12.      Islamic Finder a website providing Islmic articles, Khutbas, gerral new & views written by muslims and Non- Muslims. For More visit: