Islamic Studies Online

The Qur’an is Allah Almighty’s final given message, and it is the foundation of every Muslim’s faith and action. The Qur’an is a comprehensive record of Allah Almighty’s precise words given to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by His Angel. This Holy Book contains the whole code for Muslims to live a peaceful, honest, fit and active, abundant, and happy life in this world and the next, in conformity to Allah’s instructions. The Qur’an covers many aspects of human life, but its central topic is the relationship between Allah and His creation. It is every Muslim’s “whole pattern of life,” as well as the “whole constitution” of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. At the same time, it teaches the rules and provides extensive information on society, wisdom, law, social behavior, and a fair economic system. Islamic Studies Online is a platform that offers a variety of live classes to assist you in learning the Quran, Islamic Studies, and Arabic Language from the convenience of your own home.

Islamic Studies for Kids:
As Muslim parents, we seek to teach Islamic values in our children. Islamic Studies for Kids is the ideal way to get them started on the correct track and helps them grow into real Muslims. Your children may be Muslim by birth but have little knowledge of their faith if you are a Muslim living in a nation where the majority of people is not Muslim. Learn Islam for Kids teaches children about their religion, explains its importance, and helps build a love for Islam in their hearts. Top Quran Classes provides the best, most convenient and inexpensive Islamic Studies online classes since understanding Islam is essential for every Muslim child. Instructors offer age-appropriate material to clarify complicated topics for your child to grasp in Islamic studies for kids classes, comparable to Quran for children courses.
With the help of Online Classes:
• You select a topic of interest.
• A skilled professor teaches your children.
• There is a significant reduction in the amount of time and effort required.
• There are no additional material or delivery expenses.
• It will be simpler for your youngsters to concentrate on their studies.
• Flexible plans are more suited for your children’s education.

Children learn in Online Classes:
• Islamic etiquette and how to put it into practice in daily life.
• Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith (SAW).
• Prayers are used in a variety of situations.
• In Al Quran al Kareem, there are stories about the Prophets.

Islamic Studies Courses:
For children and adults, Our Academy has created an online Islamic studies course. This is a significant step in assisting Muslims all over the world in developing the highest moral and social ideals, as well as a healthy attitude, by following the Quran’s and guidance. Islamic studies have a significant influence on the development of good manners and values, encouraging individuals to become decent and law-abiding citizens and contributing to the creation of a flourishing community. This course is subdivided into many stages, beginning with fundamental Islamic knowledge such as Prophet and the five pillars of Islam, and progressing to a comprehensive study of Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) biography, Islamic law, and other topics.

Teaching methods that are interactive:
The course has been designed with interactive teaching techniques in mind. Mind mapping, like asking, improves a learner’s ability to grasp both religious and secular concerns. Questions assist to excite students’ interest in the subject, make the session more participatory, and track students’ progress. Students are encouraged to apply their critical thinking abilities and express their personal perspectives on what they have learnt through mind mapping. These methods help in highlighting students.