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AlQuranstudy.com provides you and your family members with services of Online Quran reading,  learning Quran, Learn Quran online through the knowledge and wisdom of our professionally trained Quran tutors. Our services include:
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Islamic concepts for Muslim brothers and sisters
Memorization of Quran online
Quran Recitation and Translation Classes.

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With our most experienced online Quran tutors hafiz, Qaris we deliver Online Quran Tutor & (koran) the teaching lessons and all the lectures in different languages as the selection is done by parents or the students directly to learn Quran. The Quran teaching staff at Learn Quran online is competent in various Quran and religious tutoring matters along with the tutor techniques of teaching to Quran. In learningKoran Online, teaching Koran with Tajweed.  Sigh up for 3 free trial classes. 

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Online Quran tutoring is the best substitute when you can’t take your kids regularly to attend Sunday Quran School just for a single class.

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Manners of Reading the Holy Quran

Take Allah (swt)’s name, before you begin to read, by saying – ‘Bismillah.’

Try your best to be in the state of Wudu, when reciting from the Quran, and sit in a clean place.

Begin reading with a clear intention of seeking only Allah (swt)’s pleasure, not any other worldly gain.

Turn the pages gently and slowly to the required page. It is best, if you use a bookmark at the place you finished last, so that there is no unnecessary flipping of pages.

Maintain humility, tranquility, and respect, while reading the Quran.

Read the Quran in a moderate voice.

Read the verses with short pauses in between.

Be careful about the Makharij (pronunciation of the letters). Give every letter its due right.

Read the Quran attentively, calmly, and sincerely.

Ponder over the words of the Quran and make efforts to act upon them.

Be grateful, when the verses of Shukr (being grateful) are mentioned and seek refuge with Allah (swt), when asked.

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